Shell Make a Payment

If you have shell card online account then shell make a payment is very easy for you. This is a great feature which shell has offered to its customers since 2015.

Shell is one of the biggest petroleum company in the world. You can see its gasoline stations almost in every corner of your city.

Shell has taken so many initiatives to comfort its customers. One such initiative is shell online services. These services have made shell make a payment very easy.

Shell Make a Payment

Shell Make a Payment

How to manage shell cards with Citibank?

Shell has launched six credit cards for its customers. It offers three cards for your personal use.

You can use them to save money. You can save from 2 cents to 25 cents on every gallon of fuel depending on which card you have. You can buy and manage these shell cards from Citibank official website.

If you want to pay the shell bill online you first need to register your card for the online account. Here is how you can do this:

  1. Open Citibank website.
  2. Navigate to shell card sign in page.
  3. Click on Register Your Card.
  4. Then you have to provide your name and card number.
  5. Type your security code.
  6. Type your SSN’s last four digits.

After you have given complete and authentic information you need to click the “verify” button. Your online account will be registered and you will be able to enjoy its online services.

You will have complete information about the fuel purchases, you can get notifications in case of any misuse and you can pay the shell credit card bill online.

How to make a payment online?

After you have registered your account you can make the online payment by logging into your account. Simply go to the shell card sign on page on the bank’s website.

Then provide your user id and password and then click the sign on button. A new page will open where you have to provide some financial information.

You will be asked to select the bill amount you want to pay and then your payment will be made.