Shell Gas Card Balance

If you are a shell gas card holder and want to check shell gas card balance, don’t worry its really easy. Shell is one of the biggest petroleum company in the world and has more than 10,000 gasoline stations in the United States.

Shell Gas Cards

Shell offers various gas cards to allow you to manage your fuel purchases more efficiently.

You can get these cards for your personal use. These cards are also very useful for large businesses as well.

Shell Gas Card Balance

Shell Gas Card Balance

You can save money, earn rewards, and have complete control over fuel purchases. You can set limits and are notified when a vehicle crosses that limit. You also get complete information about what vehicle purchased fuel from where and when.

Shell offers six credits cards in total. There are three business cards and three cards are for your personal use. Every card has different benefits and you can save a good amount.

For example, if you have shell drive for five card you will able to save five cents per gallon and if you have shell platinum MasterCard you can save from 10 cents to 25 cents depending on the total fuel purchase.

You can apply for these cards on the shell website.
Shell also offers Shell gift cards. These cards are just like credit cards and you can use them only at shell gasoline stations.

Shell gift cards and shell refillable gift cards can be used to purchase fuel, snacks, or any other service provided at the station. Only the shell refillable card is reloadable, so you need to keep this in mind before buying a shell gift card.

Check shell gas card balance

Checking shell gas card balance is really easy. There are two ways by which you can check card balance:

  • Visit website

The first way to check the shell gas card balance is to visit the shell’s website. They will ask you to enter your 19 digit number which is given at the back of every card. Make sure that you put no spaces between the numbers. Once you have entered the number, you will receive information about your remaining balance.

  • Make a call

You can also check your card balance by calling on their free help number: 800-300-8113.