Pay My Shell Card Bill

Are you unclear about how to pay my Shell card bill, well it’s very easy. Shell has made the process of paying the shell card bill very simple and you can now do it online.

There are six Shell credit cards available which you can buy. You can get them for personal use as well as for your business. These cards do not have any monthly or annual fee.

You can use them and save a lot on fuel costs. For example, if you have shell fleet plus card you would be able to save up to 6 cents per gallon. Also you can purchase these cards from the Citigroup website. You just have to open the website and select the card which you want to purchase.

We describe how to pay Shell Gas and Credit Cards

We describe how to pay Shell Gas and Credit Cards

You can choose any of the six credit cards. Then, you have to enter some personal information like name, phone number, etc. After this, you have to submit your request and you will receive an email from Shell.

How to pay my Shell card bill?

Paying shell card bill is very easy but for that, you have to register your card for the online account.

You can do this at the Citigroup website very easily. First, you need to open the shell card sign in page and as your card is not already registered you will have to click at ‘Register Your Card’ button.

Then, you have to enter some basic information i.e. name and card number. After this, you need to type the security code; you can see it at the back of the card. Then, enter your Social Security Number’s last 4 digits.

After you have given the information described above you have to click the ‘verify’ button. Your shell card online account will be registered and you can use it to pay your shell card bill online.

Here is what you have to do to pay your bill online:

  1. Open the login page
  2. Enter your ID and password
  3. Click on ‘sign on’ button.

You will be logged into your Shell card online account, where you can manage your credit card. For paying the bill you will have to give some financial information and the amount you want to pay and your bill will be paid.