Shell Gasoline Card

If you want to save on fuel costs then Shell gasoline card is perfect for you. Shell is a global petrochemical company and its gasoline stations are present almost in every city of the world.

Shell gasoline cards can help you personally. You won’t only save on fuel cost but also get other rewards as well. It is also perfect for large businesses.

Many organizations require large vehicles that move from one part of a country to another. And, if you get a business card you can save a lot on the fuel purchases.

Shell Gasoline Cards

Shell Gasoline Cards

Shell offers three cards for your personal use which are:

  1. Drive for Five card
    This card allows you to save 5 cents on every gallon. This card can be used at shell gas stations only and have no annual fee. There is no minimum or maximum purchase limit. It is very secure.
  2. Platinum Select MasterCard
    This card allows you to save 10 cents on every gallon on your next billing cycle if you spend 500- 999 dollars. You can save 15 cents per gallon if you spend 1000-2499 dollars and 20 cents if you spend more than 2499 dollars. It is basically a Mastercard which you can use at every store that accepts Mastercard.
  3. Shell Saver Card
    Shell saver card allows you to save 2 cents on each gallon. It does not have an annual fee.

Shell also offers three cards for your business which are:

  1. Fleet Plus Card
    This card allows you to earn up to 6 cents on every gallon depending on your total fuel purchase. You can also track your fuel purchases by generating reports. You can select specific stations from which your vehicles can purchase fuel.
  2. Fleet Navigator Card
    This card also allows you to choose specific stations. You can also put a constraint on fuel purchases. You can manage this card online or by phone.
  3. Small Business Card
    This card is best for you if you have a small business. It does not have an annual fee or a financial fee.

Applying for any Shell gasoline card is really easy and you have to visit Shell’s website for that.