Citicards Login Credit Card

If you are a Shell customer you can use the citicards login credit card to save money, manage your purchases, and pay bill online.

These cards suit your personal needs as well as business needs. Many businesses use large vehicles that carry goods from one place to another and as these vehicles run on fuel, it is very important to manage fuel purchases of the vehicles.

Shell credit cards help you in this regard and ease your fuel management.

Citicards Login Credit Card

Citicards Login Credit Card

These credit cards serve the purpose of any other credit card, but instead of buying other stuff, these credit cards are only specified for the purpose of buying petroleum products, auto parts, and any other stuff available on these stations like snacks and food.

By the use of these shell credit cards, you can save money and you can avail a lot of other things like free bonuses.

These cards enable you to save 5 cents on every gallon of petroleum that you buy and also and in addition to that they also have the option of platinum MasterCard that can help you to save 10 cents on every store that accepts MasterCard.

Shell gasoline cards also provide you online services if you have an online account. It provides security, it protects you from fraud and misuse of your card.

You can manage your purchases, download invoices, and get e-mail alerts.

You can set the limit to how much fuel your vehicles can purchase and from which gasoline stations and you will be notified if any vehicle crosses that limit.

Shell works with Citigroup, which provide it transaction services. You can log in to your shell credit card account or get a new card if you don’t already have one from Citicards official page.

Log in to you shell card from Citigroup website

Citigroup allows you to login to your shell card and manage it from their official website. Here is how you can log in to your shell card from their website:

  • Go to Citigroup website
  • Navigate to shell credit card sign in page
  • Enter your user id
  • Enter your password
  • Click sign on